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RGE 101 Street Hemi
King of the Street. This kit features dual four-barrel setup and graphics to recreate the greatest muscle car motor of its time. Valve covers include breathers and plug wire boots. Power steering and alternator with bracket.

RGE 102 Slant Six
This engine can be built as an early or late model 198 or 225. It includes both air cleaner styles along with a power steering compressor and correct starter. Photo-etched fan and carb linkage included.

RGE 103 383 Magnum
This 383 kit recreates the famous Road Runner engine. Accurate intake and exhaust manifolds, photo-etched detail parts and 2 choices of air cleaner graphics make it a must-have for replica stock builders and enthusiasts. Beep-beep

RGE 104 440 Magnum
Now it is possible to build your favorite muscle car with the big-inch 440 Magnum. Detailed block with all accessories and TorqueFlite automatic transmission. Full-color graphics included in red or orange to build the model year of your choice

RGE 105 340 Wedge
Small block does not equal small
performance. This stormer has
detailed cylinder heads and short block, steel fan, wirelooms & carb linkage, all engine accessories, full color "340 Four Barrel" top for air cleaner, and TorqueFlite automatic transmission.

RGE 106 340 Six Pack
The famous AAR Trans Am racer. Details are as 340 engine, but is topped off by a trio of carbs detailed with vacuum secondaries, and photo-etched steel carb linkage. Graphics included to build either Plymouth or Dodge versions of engine

RGE 107 440 Six Pack
Details are as 440 Magnum engine, but topped off with the famous 3 carb setup detailed out with vacuum secondaries, wire looms and photo-etched steel carb linkage. Graphics included to build either Plymouth or Dodge version of engine.

RGE 108 413 Max Wedge
In 1962 Chrysler did its homework on manifold ram effects resulting in the legendary 413 Max Wedge. The cross ram intake and big block wedge is recreated with the most utrageous exhaust manifolds available. Comes with transmission and photo-etched parts

RGE 109 383 SonoRamic Commando
The famous 383 long tube ram, a factory feat of engineering which was to become the precursor of the muscle car era. Long ram intake tubes and dual air cleaners are provided along with flexible drive belt material, automatic transmission and photo-etched metal parts.

RGE 110 426 Ramcharger Stage III
The last word in Super Stock manifold technology before the introduction of the legendary Hemi. Cross ram intake and ram horn exhaust manifolds are featured, with dual carbs, flexible belts, and choice of two full-color valve cover callouts; 426 Stage III or 426 Ramcharger

RGE 111 - HyperPak Slant 6.
Mopar's Leaning Tower of Power never looked so brawny. All new engine castings. Long tube intake runners, choice of four barrel carbs, all new 4-speed transmission and competition header have all been custom engineered to fit the 6 to Mopar "A" body model cars, or a hairy modified dragster.


RGE 201 Super Stock Cross Ram
The Big One. This Hemi is built for the fastest NHRA SS classes and includes a Cross Ram intake manifold. Features Holley carbs, air horns, TorqueFlite trans, Milodon gear drive and a deep SS oil pan. Photo etched throttle linkage and wire looms included.

RGE 202 Pro Stock Hemi
The King of the early years of Pro Stock. Includes 4-piece cast intake manifold with big Dominator carbs. Features include twin-plug valve covers, dual distributors, deep pan and 4-stage Lenco-type transmission. Photo etched throttle linkage and wire looms included.

RGE 203 Hilborn Injected Hemi
A much-requested motor and all-time favorite for street or strip includes 8-port intake manifold and tall Hilborn-style injector stacks cast in resin. Detailed block, deep pan and TorqueFlite trans round out this early Funny Car engine kit.

RGE 204 Super Stock Rat Roaster
Prime mover of the SS/DA Cudas and Challengers. Big Rat Roaster intake manifold with AFB carbs featuring linkages and fuel hoses. TorqueFlite trans, Milodon gear drive and a deep SS oil pan are some of the features, with steel linkage and wire looms included.


RGE 205 392 Hemi Gasser
The weapon of choice from the time of the Gasser Wars. Big Hilborn scoop and 4-port injector top off this supercharged engine. Big Dodge valve covers, long headers, pump-drive fuel system along with flexible supercharger drive belt and metal wire looms included.

RGE 206 392 Hemi Hilborn Injected
The dragster engine that changed drag racing.Tall Hilborn injectors and individual runner manifolds are topped off with FirePower valve covers. Detailed engine block features fuel pump drive and fuel system with short dump headers for the cylinder heads.


RGE 207 "Nitro Hemi"
Undisputed king of the Funny Car power plants. The supercharged and injected Hemi dominated the sport like no other. This one features a front driven fuel system and long weed burning headers. Flexible blower belt and photo etched parts included.


RGE 208 - 426 Hemi Challenge.
Mopar Hemi Challenge is the annual battle of the fastest of the SS cars.New engine features a replica sheet metal intake manifold and plenum,with classic Holley carbs that define the SS/AA category, with all new replica sheet aluminum hand-built valve covers.


RGE 301 B1- T/S Pro Mod
Featuring a tunnel ram intake with huge carbs, it also comes with a scavenger oiling system, belt driven water pumpRGE 301 B1- T/S Pro Mod Featuring a tunnel ram intake with huge carbs, it also comes with a scavenger oiling system and all-new cylinder heads


RGE 302 392 Hemi Top Fueler
This vintage Top Fuel engine features a four hole Hilborn injector and Milodon valve covers with breather ports. Blower belt and photo-etched wire looms are included. Big blower and zoomie headers complete the package. Perfect for nostalgia dragster projects.


RGE 303 McGee Quad Cam
A unique engine for those builders who need something different. Built with the performance accessories of the era, it includes blower belt and graphics to replicate the powerful Top Fuel motor. Street rodders will prefer to let this one loose on the road. Awesome!


RGE 304 Dodge Stock Car Engine
An accurate miniature of the Dodge Nascar engine. Accurate manifold and valley cover, dry-sump oiling system, trans and bellhouse, 2-piece carb and even headers, engineered to precisely fit Revell 1/24th scale Nascar Dodge kits. Photo-etched parts and flexible belts.


RGE 305 Chevy Stock Car Engine
It's the SB2 Chevy for the Nascar high banks. Accurate Chevy heads and covers are complemented by the external oiling system, power steering and headers. superspeedway transmission included, along with photo-etched metal spark plug wire looms and carb linkages.


RGE 306 Mouse Trap Chevy
This Hilborn Fuel Injected small block Chevy is perfect for altered wheelbase funny cars or wild 60s street machines. Cast injectors, period correct dump headers, and a detailed fuel system come with Corvette covers. Cast fan, photo etched wire looms & 4-speed.


RGE 307 Rat Trap Chevy
This one is outrageous. A big-inch big block Chevy featuring cast Hilborn injectors, detailed fuel system and an all-new set of tube headers with collectors. This one will be right at home in an altered or dragster but an alternator is included for taking it to the streets.


RGE 308 427 Ford SideWinder
This updated alloy oiler for the Ford set features modern fuel injection and fitted headers to go with the low restriction air cleaners. Touches like the oil filter and expansion tank make this a detailed engine for your blue oval race or street project.


RGE 309 Chevy "Hemi Hunter"
It's a big block, nitro burning Hemi hunting Chevy. The unbreakable first choice of the early Chevy funny cars, this kit features a big GMC blower, injector and shallow pan so you can it down low in the car. Flexible blower belt and photo etched parts included.


RGE 310 429 Ford "Shotgun"
The Boss is back! Factory funny car efforts in the 70s centred on the huge potential of the 429 Boss, and this Shotgun features a front mounted distributor, shallow pan and boss heads and valve covers. Flexible blower belt and photo etched parts included.


RGE 311 737 Chevy "Thumper"
This is one BIG Chevy. Designed to take your latest project Pro Mod racing, this engine features big port heads with deck plates, split dominator carbs, scavenger oil system, electric water pump and
clutchless 5-speed transmission.
Flexible belts and photo etched parts.

RGE 312 815 Ford "Mountain
Motor" Go IHRA Pro Stock racing, or add nitrous and go Pro Mod. Dominator carbs, scavenger oil system, vacuum pump, clutchless 5-speed transmission, electric water pump and all new comp headers. Flexible belts and photo etched parts included


RGE 313 815 Next Generation
Semi Hemi A Pro Mod monster, this brute was designed with Split Dominators, scavenger oil system, all new heads and intake, clutchless 5-speed transmission,and all newn comp headers. Flexible belts and photo etched parts included


RGE 314 ZL-1 427 Chevy Pro Stock
Chevy’s all-aluminum Pro Stock power plant. The ZL-1 engine kit features all the enginuity and savvy that went into the original bullet, featuring long intake runners, twin Holleys, a bag-of-snakes headers, scattershield, 4-speed trans and flexible fan belt material. Photo etched wire looms and carb linkage included..

RGE 315 - Boss 429 Ford ProStock
The Boss 429 engine kit features a 3-piece intake manifold, twin Holleys and comp headers designed to fit the Comets and Mavericks of the day. Boss block and heads, topped off by huge “Shotgun” valve covers, includes scattershield, 4-speed trans and flexible fan belts. Photo etched wire looms and carb linkage included.


RGE 316 - Super Chief Pontiac FC
All Pontiac Funny Car engine features factory Pontiac block and heads, modified with a deep oil pan and supercharger for nitro racing.
Engine comes with finned valve covers, zoomie headers and a two stage fuel system. Flexible blower belt, spark plug wire looms and metal linkages are included.


RGE 317   SledgeCammer 427SOHC Top Fuel Engine

Not all Top Fuel cars ran the Mopar Hemi. “Sneaky” Pete Robinson, “Bounty Hunter” Kalitta, and “Snake” Prudhomme all had one, as well as Canada’s Scott Wilson with his “Time Machine”. This was Kalitta’s favorite engine as he always saw untapped potential in the huge heads. The kit is a purpose built engine for Top Fuel featuring a nitro dragster fuel system, adjustable angle  dragster headers, and an all-new Schiefer magneto. This mag was always a unique feature of the Cammer as it was driven off the engine snout, allowing the builder to create a distinctive project. A nitro barrel valve, low dragster pan and 2-speed transmission unit are all included.

RGE 401 502 TPI Alley Rat
This street pounder is a 502 inch Rat with tuned port injection and
block-hugging headers. All the current street goodies are here, from the TPI manifold to the electric water pump. You've been howling for this one. Now you’re ready to rumble!

RGE 402 ROADent 350-TPI
This small-block 350 Chevy has ram air, high-flow induction and all kinds of attitude. Tubular headers are included along with spark plug wire looms and drive belts. Equipped with an alternator and power steering, it's ready to power your next Chevy project.

RGE 403 ThunderBird
Back in the day when hot rods ruled the streets the Ford guys turned to the big T-Bird to power their creations. This one features 6 carbs, custom intake, 4-speed trans and Thunderbird valve covers. Production exhaust manifolds round out this retro rod.


RGE 501 Engine Shop Hemi
No need to cover up all those details when you install your Gibson Engine in your latest project! This block features exposed rocker shafts, crankshaft, lifter galleys, water passages and oil returns. Each comes with its own stand to display the power that's in your model.


RGE 502 Pontiac SD-455
The biggest engine from the division that started the Muscle Car era. Contains all detailing materials; plug wires, steel fuel lines, rubber vacuum hoses, flexible drive belts. Includes shaker hood scoop for TransAm and factory air cleaner for HO-455 Grand Prix or GTO. Detailed instructions to build engine with accurate firing order, fuel line routing and vacuum hose placement.

RGE 503 427SOHC Ford Cammer The Cammer was the engine designed to lead Ford to Nascar victory. This version has stock manifolds and 4-speed transmission to take it to the street Contains spark plug wires and flexible drive belts. Detailed instructions included show accurate firing order

RGE 601 Sonny’s “Mountain Thunder”
This 762 cubic inch engine is featured in the November ‘07 issue of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine. Built to burn pump gas and make 1,150 horses, Sonny says you can put this in your car and drive across the country with it. The kit features plug wires and oil lines to accurately replicate Sonny’s Street Stormer.

RGE 602 Sonny’s “Blue Ridge SemiHemi”
Top of the mountain for IHRA GM Pro Stock power plants. You have to hear this brute echo off the Blue Ridge mountains on one of Sonny’s dyno pulls to appreciate the massive horsepower. The kit is an accurate replica of the actual engine
featuring plug wires, oil lines, valve cover art and the usual detailed assembly instructions


RGE 603 Pro Stock Hemi
Big, brutal and built to carry the Mopar banner into the NHRA Pro Stock wars. At 499 cubic inches, this engine accurately reflects state-of-the-art for the top doorslammer class. All new engine block and oil system are complemented by new heads, covers
and detailed front end including dry sump tank and front mounted distributor.


RGE 604 Big Boss Mountain Motor
If you want to win an IHRA Pro Stock championship, you will need to bring one of these to the game. Kit contains those features with an all-new block and massive Boss cylinder heads, detailed oiling system and spark plug wires, headers and split dominator carbs. Includes detailed firing order diagrams and oil line routing schematic so the builder can accurately replicate the latest king of Pro Stock racing.


RGE 605 Sonny’s SuperMax Supercharged Pro Mod.
The big, the bad and the blown… all in one engine kit. featuring a bulletproof Sonny Leonard block and heads, all new front cover and pulleys, Pro Mod headers and a 3-hole hi-hat injector to sit atop that gargantuan supercharger, all backed up by an explosion-proof bellhouse and 5-speed trans. Includes plug wires, braided oil lines and blower belt material.

RGE 606 Supercharged RoadHammer Hemi Pro Mod.
This is as big as it gets. It’s an alloy Super BEE-hemoth featuring Hemi block and Pro Mod heads, high top valve covers, massive supercharger and Pro headers. Bellhouse and transmission included. Spark plug wires, braided oil lines and blower belt material included. Kit includes detailed firing order diagrams and oil line routing schematic.

607 MagnaBOSS Supercharged ProMod
Ford. An all-new intake manifold and blower drive is featured, along with detailed block, headers and transmission. Kit contains detailing materials ; spark plug wires, braided oil lines, flexible drive belts and photo-etched metal parts. Includes detailed instructions to build the engine with accurate firing order, oil line routing and component placement.